Aaryon affinity with music is sequenced from two things, his unyielding “limitless’ attitude and a habitual affection to live and breathe electronic music.

Born in Vigo, this Spanish DJ/Producer’s signature sound syphons toward a darker style, with elements of both electronica and techno, but overall, his tracks all possess an organic rawness, which is perfectly balanced between smooth melodic peaks and bold edgy hooks.

“Fairy Tales” was his debut release with Steyoyoke back in October 2014 and it was also the label’s highest selling track for most of 2015.and with such positive success being enjoyed so early on in his career, it is quite clear that Aaryon is on a mission to share with everyone the natural musicality that courses through his veins.

Since then, he has worked on labels such as Noir Music, Parquet Recordings, Suara and his remixing abilities have been utilized by quality artists like Solee, Oliver Schories, Pete Oak, Pole Folder etc. Earning a solid list of musical virtuosity since 2014.

Aaryon has spent most of 2016 and 2017 on tour, playing at various festivals and clubs across Europe, Middle East and North America. He is now working on his own label, Barbershop Music, which he started with his partners in early 2017.

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