Eli Escobar

Eli Escobar is the quintessential New York City DJ. A devoted collector, explorer and connoisseur of all kinds of music from hip-hop roots, he is hugely well – respected in the New York club circuit after over two decades of mutual love for the city and the house scene. Most at home hunched over the decks at some jumping club on a Brooklyn backstreet, he also has production magic at his fingertips. While growing up in Manhattan Eli worked for a time in a record shop, soaking up the sounds of New York’s clubbing epicentre which strongly informed his take on dance music and the shape of his albums, 2014’s Up All Night on Eli’s own label Night People and Happiness, released on Classic Music Company.

Keeping him busy outside of the studio is Tiki Disco, a party he co-runs which was started in 2009 in New York. Now holding pop-ups around the globe, Tiki Disco events are juggled around Eli’s residencies at New York institutions Le Bain and Battlehymn. His diary also includes solo parties at Good Room, House of Yes, Output and further afield at clubs in Detroit, Boston, Miami and San Francisco. Internationally Eli Escobar plays at the likes of Phonox in London, Lux in Lisbon, Panorama Bar in Berlin, and key venues in Paris, Madrid, Tokyo, Manchester, Dublin and various hotspots in Asia and Australia. Boiler Room have delivered two masterclasses from Eli, both broadcast from his home town, in August 2015 and January 2017.

2016 marked a key moment for Eli as he pushed through from the New York underground into the global dance music spotlight. When it was released in the summer of 2016, Eli’s album Happiness blew everyone away with its sophisticated house/disco hybrid sound and striking urban landscape. Happiness stomped through the streets of his home city, stopping off along the way at the basement clubs and dusty record shops that he frequents.

Having been switched on to Eli Escobar by his debut album Up All Night, Classic Music Company is now his creative home and his third album Shout, a heartfelt rage against America’s developing political disasters while joining the dots between yesterday’s golden era classics and today’s club anthems, was released digitally on the label in January 2018.

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