Foremost Jay Tripwire is a Dj and his craft goes back to when every party was vinyl only and there was no sync button, an ethos still to this day Jay adheres to.
Tripwire is getting old and has over 25 years under his belt professionally as a DJ and has toured extensively for 20 years with gigs taking him to over 200 cities worldwide.
He might have blood clots from all that flying, but he drinks a lot of fish oil. #notvegan

His finely crafted extended sets deviate from the norm and as a DJ he encompasses a very wide range of underground music, and decades of digging for music to which his ears, neck and back have taken a serious beating from shows in how he walks with a swagger. #arthritis
Jay prepares extensively for every set of gigs with his personally crafted re-edits to match his signature style of long drawn out blends create a rich tapestry of audio, where it’s not easy to tell where one song starts and the other ends.

A sometimes resident at Mr C’s legendary SuperFreq parties and a regular contributor to the label, some of the notable Label parties have been at the BPM festival, NYC for Resolute, Alec Baldwins 63rd birthday, and of course Fabric in London.
Jay Has played many of the worlds top clubs, ones that are current, ones that only older people would know and many underground spots that didn’t have a fancy name – just sweaty walls.

Jay has not played any of the top clubs in Ibiza and only 2 in Berlin, Jay doesn’t front on that. #crossfit

Always sitting slightly off – centre, Jay Tripwire is an artist that walks the line as an industry staple and ever-changing innovator, releasing one standout release after another.
It was his early vinyl releases that cemented his place as an originator that led to releasing over 300 vinyl records and hundreds of digital projects,
and his accumulated sales are in the millions, and despite that statement sounding fancy – Jay has never owned a sports car or property anywhere.

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