Norman Weber
One half of the duo Luna City Express.

Incorporating a wide range of musical influences, with Norman Weber being the Chicago House loving son to a Funk, Disco, Hip – Hop and Acid Jazz spinning DJ-father and Marco being an experienced producer which already had caused some trouble on the floor whilst using the solo pseudonym Phage before they first met, the sound of Luna City Express is clearly revolving around House Music in its essential form but still remains open minded.

This attitude also reflects in a string of releases unleashed since the two producers introduced their Luna City Express moniker whilst collaborating on a track crafted for the 10th anniversary of the legendary Thuringian club Muna in 2004. For this special occasion they joined forces in the studio for the first time after they had already regularly shared decks as a DJ-team for four years after their initial meeting at an Italian millennium celebration party back in 2000.

Ever since their debut single „Fresh“ skyrocketed off as one of the main club hits of 2005 Luna City Express have laid down a blueprint of modern, contemporary House Music on labels like 20/20 Vision, Clap Your Hands and the Leipzig-based Moon Harbour Recordings which became a firm home to most of their singles as well as to their critically acclaimed 2009-released longplay debut „Hello From Planet Earth“, an eclectic but well-vibing collection of outstanding tracks. Whilst their initial album was praised for showcasing a vast musical expertise in a longplay format Luna City Express continually gained momentum on dancefloors worldwide due to largely successful singles and remixes released in the following years, amongst them „The Next Level feat. Roland Clark“ and „Magic Bazar“ on Moon Harbour as well as their massive rework of DJ Linus’ „Who Stole The Soul“ on Get Physical in 2013.

Celebrating their first decade in the business Luna City Express launched their „TEN Years“ compilation album in the end of 2014 – a massive ten track piece that breaks their massive catalogue down the absolute essence in terms of both original productions as well as remixes. Following up the complementary „TEN Years Remixed“ package included reworks crafted by the likes of Audiojack, Einzelkind and many likeminded producers before Norman Weber and Marco Resmann got down on the decks for the Italian imprint Lapsus Music where their DJ mix compilation „Luna City Express Play Lapsus“ was released in March 2016.

This mix compilation once again proved why they this exceptional duo is renowned for their ability to set crowds on fire and have regularly been invited to appear on stage as a DJ-team from day dot. Combined Weber and Resmann weigh in an experience of 40 years on the decks as both started DJ’ing back in 1994.

They’ve been hosting shows from all over Europe and the world, played multiple times at the famous Circoloco events taking place at Ibiza’s legendary DC10 as well as guest starring at ANTS @ Ushuaia whilst the ’15 Years of Moon Harbour’ world tour took them to places like BPM Festival / Mexico, ADE / Amsterdam, Sonar Barcelona and many others. Furthermore Luna City Express completed their first full on India tour in early 2016, representing their status as one of the stalwart projects when it comes to tasteful, open minded House Music from Germany. But still, despite collecting heaps of air miles, the pair remains closely connected to the place where the Luna City Express success story all began – the beloved Muna Club in Bad Klosterlausnitz.

And although Norman Weber and Marco Resmann schedule has been busier than ever througout the past two years it seems like Luna City Express should better be prepared for another hectic rollercoaster ride as their new album „Lunation“ is scheduled for release via Lapsus Music in late 2016. Catering a whole of 17 tracks including collaborations with various vocalists and incorporating a musical range from trademark quality House and DeepHouse to excursions into Downtempo, Dope Beatz, BigBeat – influenced Phonk and even Drum’n’Bass „Lunation“ surely is an an album that perfectly reflects their production attitude of absolutely no limitations or stylistic borders and defo is a clear mission statement for a success story that’s about to last.

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