Deeplomatic Recordings EP#110 from Max Alzamora & Nuclius: Hailing from Lima, the Peruvian pair of Max Alzamora and Nuclius combine forces to deliver a captivating and atmospheric four-track thriller. “Everything Changed” contains two original tracks, accompanied by two remixes from favourites Damien Almira, André Butano and Demian Muller.

Having been at the forefront of electronic music for over twenty years, Nuclius is credited for driving the dance scene within the city of Lima. The popular artist is known for his charismatic live performances, as well as consistently showcasing his versatile trademark taste in house music. Boasting numerous long-standing residencies at some of Lima’s most important landmarks, Nuclius has essentially become one of the most important names within the region and is renowned amongst international stars. Alongside, is fellow Peruvian DJ Max Alzamora who has as well made a huge impact within the electronic dance music scene in Lima. Also with a strong focus on house music, Max Alzamora has paved his way for stardom over the years in Peru, and alongside Nuclius, they make a formidable pair. With all their years of playing, recording and collecting, the duo offer up a cultured collision of deep house and tech house wrapped in fairly minimal beats.

It is no surprise that the duo have been chosen to release an EP on the highly regarded house record label, Deeplomatic Recordings. Having already worked together on previous releases, their latest four-track EP “Everything Changed” clearly demonstrates the formidable talent that the Peruvian pair possess. Immediately infectious and relatively calm title track “Everything Changed” begins the record in style. Whilst not overbearing, the first song is an atmospheric deep house chugger, containing heavy, but building bass lines, that are finished with spacey synths and neat punchy kicks to create cosmic leads. Seven minutes is not enough for this glorious slow burner. Up next are two colourful remixes, first from Damien Almira, also known as Timid Boy, who provides a moody rendition that holds dark sonics and a rumbling bassline to create a captivating atmosphere for any dance floor. Switching things up is Chilean producer André Butano, who catalogues a relatively funky tech-house version. This track has an organic melody, consistent bass and a rhythm like no other to keep everything moving. To conclude, Max Alzamora and Nuclius provide a second original track called “Mirceno”. This is a song with entrancing melodies and resonant modulations that keeps the energy flowing. A rather stunning minimalistic take to round off a wonderful release.

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